Angel and Lodie winning gold!
Jackson's 3d living room.   View on Flickr »
Tj's illustrator poster.   View on Flickr »
Mandrake's silhouette photo.   View on Flickr »

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A new addition to the Cawd Family!

The Cawd family has grown by one.  Tim and Emma welcomed Elsie Vanette Shea Hopkins in the world this last weekend.  5 pounds 1 ounce,… read the rest »


2017 SkillsUSA Pin Design Competition Entries

The SkillsUSA Organization runs a Pin Design Competition to create a small metallic pin which represents the state you live in.  It is a juried competition which… read the rest »


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Designed for high school students interested in acquiring and learning new media skills at CTE in Vermont. Cawd helps to prepare you for your future in web design, 3d modeling, 3d animation, video production & editing, or game design; whether you plan on attending college or joining the work force. What is it? Computer Animation & Webpage Design is a course at the Center for Technology, Essex VT.

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