Friday, February 17th

Class hours: 9:40am – 2:05pm
Mr. Cronin
Mr. Moore


  • Today is the big day!  Study when you can!  Study at break!  Why aren’t you studying now!  Soren made this Quizlet!  We need a 90+!  
  • Yarn mountain range.
  • Forest Whale.
  • html/css/javascript solar system.
  • Interesting pc “case“.
  • That look we all have when we do something pretty good in a video game.  I of course have it daily at lunch.

Example Files

9:40 Attendance and Article

9:45 Friday Morning Snowboard Production

This morning you are going to take your final draft snowboard sketch and create it digitally.

We are going to start with a template .psd file in today’s example files.

We are going to use originally created artwork, as well as work downloaded from Flickr using the Creative Commons license system.  (I will also accept other work that uses the Creative Commons Attribution License from other image sites.) 

To turn this work in you are going to create a website to organize your content.

Start with a folder called “snowboard” inside of Week 23.  Create a html file called “snowboardFinal.html”.  We are going to place your project in this html document as an image when you are complete.

If you use Creative Commons (you must if you use any imagery you don’t create) you must source it for attribution.  On the html page below the final image create a sub heading that says “Sources”, and then an unordered list with links to the specific photo images you started working with.

If you create everything 100% yourself you do not need to cite any imagery.

** If you want to do this in Illustrator (fully Vector art) you may.  At the end regardless of the medium for creation, we are going to see the final result through a website as a .jpg.

You will have until lunch today to digitally create your snowboard from your final sketch – the goal is matching up to your final preliminary sketch as you can, as seen in this example from Sven in Cawd2:

Don’t forget you have to incorporate your own brand into the design, and you could even include a model name / number.  This is new this year.  It won’t show on Sven’s.  The brand has to be connected to your name, the model can be up to you.


This specific project has proven very powerful when looking at applying to college, as it shows the full design process from concepts, through drafts, to the final product.

We will organize with our entire design flow in the near future.  For now your html document will only have:

  • Your full-size image linked with your <img> tag.
  • Outbound links to any images you use.
  • This website does NOT need to be pretty, simply valid.  We are using it as an organizational tool.

Get to it – and if you are no idea what “Creative Commons” is we are going to first start with getting you up to speed on that.  

10:45 Break (15 Minutes)

11:00 Week 23 Game Day Quiz


  • Notes / Music away
  • Silent until noon
  • No moving around / no drinks / no bathroom / no pencils.  When lights are on it means we are asking for a quiet, distraction-free environment.
  • Click here.

11:30 Friday Morning Snowboard Production

12:00 Lunch (30 Minutes)

12:30 Attendance and Article

12:35 Quiet Production Time

12:45 Friday Afternoon “Production” time.

This afternoon is going to be based on two different potential projects.

First – finish your animated fantasy jungle projects.  Specifics on the Wednesday / Thursday Dayplan.

Second – work on your NTHS Essay.  It is due today at 2:00.  Not 2:01, 2:05, Tuesday, emailed, etc.  You must hand in a physical copy – very 1993.

If you share your essay with me I can print in Cawd2.  Share with me early.  I am happy to print out drafts for you if you want to edit and what not, and I can look over them.  While not a Rhodes English scholar I will do my best to help.  (I do have a beard, so….yeah).

Now if I were me I would work on the NTHS essay first as it is due in a little over than an hour.  The Animated Jungle isn’t due until next Wednesday.

No dailies as I am going to release some of you crazy kids early to go hand in essays.

2:05 Dismissal

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