Cawd Website Style Guide V2

Master Logo

The master logo serves as the primary graphic identity for the student.  The Master Logo must include the student name and may include a visual.  The Dropbox brand and supportive imagery is one of my favorites as it combines the brand name, along with a strong visual that connects to their core business.  What visuals could you create that reflect you?

Create artwork in Photoshop / Illustrator and never use typed words in place of artwork. For
example, do not type “Alex Goodman” as a substitute for the master logo.

Balance is an essential feature of good design. Graphics, imagery, and text must all be balanced on the page
so that each is able to speak clearly. Placing any element or graphic too close to the master logo diminishes
its importance.


Gill Sans – consistent for all text including art.

Type color must be of sufficient contrast level from the background.  This is subjective, but there are “rights” and “wrongs”.  Let’s talk if you are unsure.

Type must have a sufficient padding from the bounds of the containing element.

Good Padding

Poor Padding


All text must appear on a solid color.

Color Palette

Choose from one of the following color palette’s.  In addition to what you see pure black and pure white is acceptable, but no grays.

Don’t you go down


Giant Goldfish


Any image you decide to use must adhere to the Creative Common’s Attribution License specifications, and be linked below your color palette.  Again it shows intent, but more importantly, it shows you are doing the right thing as a young designer.  Organize attractively as needed (if you use any image at all).

You can also use imagery from government websites (.gov) such as Nasa as it is taxpayer funded, and said taxes pay for their creation.

The only exception to this is if you choose to use free to download background and patterns from websites such as Subtle Patterns.  If you use a free to download background or pattern you still need to link the to image below your pattern.  

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