Cawd Step Up Day 2017

Class hours: 9:40am – 2:05pm
Mr. Cronin
Mr. Moore


  • Welcome to Step Up Day 2017!  

9:40 Attendance and Welcome

  • Introductions / Mr. Cronin / Mr. Moore / Mrs. Dulleba / Alex / Haley / Josh
  • What Cawd is.
  • What Cawd is not.
  • College Credit Options you can take while a member of Cawd:
  • Certifications
  • Job Shadows / Internships
  • Design Competitions and National Recognition
  • Google 20% Friday Afternoons
  • Student Success Stories / Models for you as an applicant
  • What we will do today.  The reality of limitations in a single day snapshot.
  • Lunch & Bathrooms!
  • While we work today, Mrs. Dulleba is going to come around and snap a photo of you with your nametag so we know who is who later on in our admissions meetings.
  • We are going to have a 5 minute bathroom break today at 10:55.
  • No food in the room, drinks stored on the drinks shelf.
  • Finally – as you can see, there are quite a number of us in the room.  We have had to pirate computers from Mr. Moore’s Cawd2 room as their were so many applicants to Cawd.  Do the best you can today as today is your interview for next year.  Not everyone who wants to be here will earn a spot for next year.  If you don’t, please consider applying next year – we simply don’t have the space for all qualified applicants.

9:55 3D Graphics | Maya Workshop (30 Minutes)

In this workshop we will introduce Autodesk Maya, and show you how to use the Mental Ray Renderer to create objects with realistic materials.

We will also create a widget to be used in our Game Development Workshop.

10:25 Unreal Engine | Game Development Workshop (30 Minutes)

Unreal and Unity are both industry stand game development engines.  You will use both in Cawd.  A focus on Ue4 in Cawd, and a focus on Unity in Cawd2.

Which is best.  Neither.  Both are great.  Having to ask is similar to asking which is better pancakes or waffles.  (Though the answer to that is pretty obviously Waffles.)

Today we are going to explore Ue4 and incorporate the widget we created in Maya using industry standard workflow.

First a quick video from the 2017 Global Developers Conference.

10:55 Break (5 Minutes)

  • Do not be late.

11:00 Digital Image Manipulation | Photoshop Workshop (25 Minutes)

Photoshop is the industry standard for digital image manipulation.  Today we are going to do a little bit of work in Photoshop to prep an image for an advertising campaign.

11:25 Web Coding Workshop (25 Minutes)

First we will watch a short video that talks about coding a career and how these jobs are growing and growing.

Then we will work in html5 and css3 to change the visuals of a web document.

11:55 Lunch (30 Minutes)

  • Be back on time!
  • You are welcome to linger here and surf the web / explore the programs / talk to us.  As an introverted only child…this is probably what I would do.

12:30 Hand Drawing Technique Workshop | Shading (20 Minutes)

In Cawd we have a Sketchbook with weekly design projects, sometimes as pre-production for a larger upcoming production, sometimes as art for the sake of art.

We also do in class sketch work.  In this exercise we are going to go over a couple different methods to add shading to your line art sketches, to start to add depth and bring 3 dimensions to your 2-dimensional world.

In addition to the obvious personal benefits to doing this work, our Cawd Advisory Board (business and education leaders in our field) recommend a strong artistic foundation if applying to a program such as Champlain’sGame Art and Animation” major.  If thinking about Champlain’s “Video Game Design“, or Web Development, the art is less important – but we try to prepare you for as many different career pathways as we can.

Today we will explore a way to add dimension to your 2D line art sketches.

12:50 Getting some info from you (10 Minutes)

Please fill out the following informational form; tell us about you, and why it is important that you are selected for next year.  Remember that not everyone in the room will earn a spot – sell yourself.

Click here.

1:00 Creative Writing Workshop (20 Minutes)

Your sketchbook is filled with alien concept art?  Interesting.  You can draw anime really well?  Great.  You can draw the best graffiti tag with your name?  Fabulous.  Now lets find out if you can be creative inside a set of constraints, which is much closer to the real world.  You don’t get to control 100% of most creative projects.  We will give you a prompt, and see what you can do.

You are going to write us a short story based off of a prompt, and give us a sketch to help set the scene.

Don’t worry about handwriting, spelling, or quality of your artwork.  Effort counts just as much as ability in Cawd.

Do your best, you will do fine.

1:25 Afternoon Team Building Activity:  Cawd Tower (40 Minutes)

An objective which combines collaboration, creativity, problem solving, and working within a set of resources.

1:55 Height Readings / Final Score Calculations for The Tower & Awards

2:00 Dismissal

Thank you everyone for visiting!  Again, if by chance you do not get in please keep us in mind for your senior year!

Let’s make sure everyone knows where to go to get on their busses.  Mrs. Dulleba will walk students out to the bus pickup.

2:05 Dismissal

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