Monday, March 27th

Class hours: 9:40am – 2:05pm
Mr. Cronin
Mr. Moore


  • Welcome to Week 28!
  • Frogs…majestic creatures.
  • Remember that Thursday we have Step Up Day for applicants for next year – you will stay home.  Wednesday during 7/8 is all about setup, as we need to move computers in from Mr. Moore’s room to Cawd to accommodate visitors.  There will be more applicants than we have stations for, so we need to redesign the room.  (If you have friends applying, tell them to be on their best behavior, because as always in Cawd not all who apply will get in.)  
  • Thursday the 30th will count as a school day for you, which means you will have work to do at home:
    1. Design Homework 28
    2. An at home assignment through Mr. Bisson and English
    3. Website Development College Homework (for those students)
  • The final day of SBAC’s will be tomorrow.  Be ready for one last day of SBAC mania.  As you are juniors it will be your last SBAC test of your life – (assuming you successfully finish your junior year of high school.)
  • Let’s all look at the Week 27 “What is due”
  • Quiz on Friday – be ready!
  • No Homework club Wednesday as we are setting up for Homework Club.  If you are missing assignments, you have the get out of jail card now…but soon we are back to normal.  When we get back this crazy schedule…kids that are missing work…just get your work in.

Step Up Day Assets

9:40 Attendance and Much longer Article…I am going to read it

9:55 Week 28 Design Homework:  New Jazz

Jazz was the 90’s.  It was the default “generic design” which appeared on a number of different products, many of which were disposable.  It was everywhere, plates, carpets, but made its starting role on cups:

This week for Design Homework 28 I want you to work as a graphic designer for the new 2017 version of a generic design for cups, plates, etc.

On the left – the design

On the left side of the next sheet in your sketchbook create a design.  Up to you, but the design must have nothing from any other intellectual property.  The reason Jazz worked / works because it doesn’t have Knight Rider, Mickey Mouse, etc on it.   It is ambiguous, amorphous design.  Your design must be something which connects to nothing – likely abstract or very abstract.   Remember the design which came after Jazz….sure you can tell it is a leaf…but it isn’t branded to a specific existing product.

Looking at design today, what are some ideas you could pull from?

  • polygonal style?
  • flat design?
  • etc

On the right – the design on a cup

Apply your design to a paper cup.  Hide / reveal your design as it is applied around the curvature of the cup.  You should not be able to see the entire design in this sketch, only a portion.

Sign and date, due one week from today.

10:00 Site Maintenance

  • Check the “What is due”
  • Work on college
  • Study for Friday’s Quiz
  • Work on your next Google
  • Bring over Design Homework 27 when we meet this morning

10:45 Break (15 Minutes)

11:00 English with Mr. Bisson

  • Be back at 11am sharp.
  • Give Mr. Bisson your attention and respect.

12:00 Lunch (30 Minutes)

12:30 Attendance and Article

12:35 Quiet Production Time

12:45 Monday / Friday Afternoon Week 28 Client Work:  Island Auto Haven LLC.

This week we are going to finish our redesign for Island Auto Haven.  We did the logo production as part of Week 26.  We had a number of solid works submitted.  I have chosen 3 to move on to the next phase of production – acting as the client.  Choose one of the following logos:

All students must select one of these three class created logos to move to the web production phase.  Odds are you are not using your own logo.

Now we move onto the web redesign for IAV.  Remember what they currently have:

  • Stock imagery / doesn’t connect with Grand Isle Business
  • Table based layout
  • Invalid Code
  • M. mobile site which doesn’t function

You are going to use best practice web design to rebuild your design.  You will use responsive design techniques so the project works on all mediums.

You will move their content over page by page.  You will have a four-page setup:

  1. Home
  2. About Us
  3. Contact
  4. Location

On the “Location” page I want you to add in a Google Map, just as they have.  Here is their address:

  • 6 Reynolds RdGrand Isle, VT 05458 US

Create a folder inside Week 28 called “islandAuto”.  Your entire projects will live in that with Home as the “index.html”.

You will get today and Friday to complete your project website redesign.

2:00 Dailies


2:05 Dismissal

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