Tuesday, March 28th

Class hours: 9:40am – 2:05pm
Mr. Cronin
Mr. Moore


  • Doors locked immediately after school as normal for Tuesdays.
  • Quiz Friday!
  • No school for you Thursday!
  • Pinbox pitch Friday morning!  We will have Wednesday morning from 9:45 – 10:45 to finalize, and prep presentations.  
  • As lunch is so early I have created something new, a combination of break and lunch.  I will call it…Brunch.  It will start at 10:55.
  • Mr. Moore is coming in today at 10:45 to review Skills info for next week.
  • Students that are interested in Computer Security / Hacking, here is a game which may be for sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University.  Preregistration is open, it starts on Friday.  It is also a very clever way for Carnegie Mellon University (a great school) to find the smartest kids for recruitment.


Remember that students go directly to their testing location after brunch.  Do not come back to Cawd, we are going to get into our workload.

Questions on SBAC’s, process, locations, efforts?

9:40 Attendance and Article

9:45 Google 20% for Week 28

Due to the craziness of this weeks schedules (Step Up Day / Pinbox 3000 / SBACS) this hour before SBACS makes the most sense to have a 20% project!

Topics today at 10:00.

Game Teams!

Game teams you are presenting to Marguerite from GameTheroy in 1 week + 1 day.  I am going to require that you work on your game / presentation.  Remember that you get 10 minutes.  

She and her company are also sponsoring a 48 hour VR Game Jam in early May over the weekend…so, if you ever wanted to impress “cool designers”…next week is a nice first step.

Final product goes into Week 28 saved with the “20” nomenclature.

10:45 Mr. Moore SkillsUSA Update

10:55 Brunch

11:40 Attendance and Article

11:45 Site Maintenance

Seniors are going to have time in Cawd during SBACS to work on a number of options:

  • Site Maintenance – first get fully caught up with any missing work.
  • Production Time – work on projects currently assigned.
  • Work on Web Dev college work.
  • Prep for the Game Design Competition
  • Prep for the Skills Web Competition (Jestings and Bouffard do a mini-project with Mr. Moore?)
  • Side work – work of your own design, or your own interests.  This could be Cawd, but also chemistry, algebra, etc.

If you are working, I am going to be fairly flexible in this SBAC window of time for seniors (and Milton juniors).  If I get the feeling you are chillaxing to the max, I am going to have to assign specific work to be done each day, per student.  I do not want to do this.  

We are going to have dailies today of what you worked on.  Our dailies for SBAC’s will be very diverse, and this is perfectly acceptable.

1:00 Break (5 Minutes)

2:05 Dismissal

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