Tuesday, May 2nd

Class hours: 9:40am – 2:05pm
Mr. Cronin
Mr. Moore


  • Doors locked immediately after school as normal for Tuesdays.
  • We have a visitor tomorrow morning 9:40 – 10:10 with Goodman.
  • VLAD!
  • Maybe skip article, and have late break as Vlad has to leave at 11.
  • Conor and Bruce, you have no math today, and are working together this afternoon!

9:40 Attendance and Article

9:45 Tuesday Morning Portfolio Introduction

Over the last 6 weeks of school, we are going to be working on two distinct “Portfolios“.

Portfolio #1 (Paramount importance Academically)

Portfolio #1 we will focus on is what I call “Portfolio Lite”.  This will be done using Slideroom, and is where the state of Vermont will decide of you have done enough to “Complete” Cawd.  We must have this complete by Wednesday, May 17th

The only ones to see this Portfolio are the state of Vermont (and teachers), but is of extraordinary importance do your scholastic year as the State of Vermont will bestow either “Completer” or “Non-completer” of Cawd based off of Portfolio 1 and Portfolio 1 alone.  CTE / Cawd only recommends credits to MMU, CVU, SB, etc.  If you are judged a “non-completer” by the state, your sending school could not award all (if any) of the credits of Cawd as you appear to not have enough knowledge based on this single Portfolio.  We all have done work to get us to “pass”, we just need to make sure we feature it correctly.

In short, we must dominate.

Portfolio #2 (Paramount importance Professionally)

Portfolio #2 we will focus on after Portfolio 1 is complete.  Portfolio #2 is your “Full Portfolio” which would be sent to colleges, universities, businesses, and grandma.  This portfolio is likely to see the most eyes.

Portfolio #2 is the final exam in Cawd.  

We aren’t going to worry about Portfolio 2 until Portfolio #1 is “done”.  Anticipated start date of our Portfolio #2 (our final exam) is Tuesday, May 23rd.

We don’t have to worry much about Portfolio #2 in Cawd until later.  You will start it soon in English, so the English final is useful to Cawd.

Portfolio #1 Requirements

Let’s take a look at the Vermont 2017 Portfolio Requirements.  This is100% the document given to me.   I am going to be very transparent in how this is run, as I don’t see any point in lying to you or sugar coating anything.  This is how you will be assessed.  

Let’s go over some of the “art facts” which we are going to have to link our work to.

11:00 Break (15 Minutes)

11:15: Portfolio #1 Project Selection

Go through your work and your best 5 pieces of which that demonstrate:

  • Your artistic skill
  • Your technical skill
  • One of the 5 art facts listed.

It is very likely you are going to have to adjust your project to work with the art facts.  Maybe it means re-rendering with rule of thirds composition.  Maybe it means changing canvas size or cropping.  All of this is legal at this part in the process.

Don’t forget:

  • Hand drawn work in your cubby
  • Design Homeworks in your Sketchbook

Let us all first make a copy of the Portfolio V1 selection document, and share back with me.  Add your LAST NAME to the start of the file name for organization.

11:25 VT Arts Assessment Study Guide

Today will be our first VT Arts Study Guide.  (This is a lie, we started it yesterday.)  There are no prizes yet as this week will be 0 points off.

Much of this content you know from middle school, and earlier in high school.  Some of you will not know this content at all.  Get a question wrong, read the correct answer, and move on.

The Certification Study Guide had 117 questions.  As of this morning, the VT Arts Assessment Study Guide has 248 questions, with more image/design based questions and answers.  This means:

  • You won’t get as many duplicates.
  • The questions will be less familiar.

I AM trying to trick you, read the questions carefully.

I HAVE developed this to mimic the arts assessment.  It allows you to accidentally click “submit” without an answer.  I have designed mine to copy this behavior.  (If a real Mr. Cronin project I would fix this, but I don’t want you practicing on a good system that tests data integrity.  I want you practicing on a system that matches what you will encounter on your Final Exam, with all its issues, so you are prepared.) 

Once you have completed the Assessment, move onto Project Selection.

11:45 Portfolio #1 Project Selection

12:00 Lunch (30 Minutes)

12:30 Attendance and Article

12:35 Quiet Production Time

12:45 Tuesday / Thursday Javascript Programming Exercise

After thinking about and taking input from some “people” I have decided to do things a little different from our Monday / Wednesday step by step RPS.

Today and Thursday afternoon we are going to start working on web based memorization text game.  We are going to first do the project as class step by step with the topic being “New England States”.  I am flexible on this, what would be interesting to “learn”.  Let’s say it has to be something academic in nature.  The goal is we are looking at the Gamification of LEARNING, not just making a game.  Have to find something with at least 7 words.

Today and Thursday we are going to see the end result first.  After you and a partner are going to be doing the work together semi-independently.  Work on a single machine, collaborate, ask each other questions, work through the issues.  You only have to do a subset of my overall game, I only shared with you the relevant work. 

You are more likely to be trying out the different programming commands, tinkering, breaking, etc.  Learning will come from both, and I expect the debugging of the code together to be very valuable.  


  • Bouffard / Cardosi
  • Carner / Pecor
  • Fox / Lewis
  • Ward / Ward (Be good to yourself – this may change if we have an absence…)
  • Goodman / Soren
  • Jestings / Amber
  • Conor / Bruce

At 1:25 we are going to switch the person driving the computer.  Partner A works the first half, Partner B works the second half, both today and Thursday.

Code Assets:



You can also use something called “The Internet” to figure it out.  Don’t even use my code if you don’t want to.  Just learn the content.

Your Goal:

  • Create a learning game where the user has to guess all objects from a set (such as New England States).
  • Add the correct guesses to a field when they are guessed.
  • Style using CSS

Extra Credit Options:

  • Against the clock?
  • Multiple learning games?


As we are doing something a little different, and I want you to work more independent, questions are asked will be answered with leading … answers that will let you figure out how to solve problem.  We are in the last full month of class, lean on your partner, use the internet to solve problems, etc.

1:25 Switch the user

2:00 Dailies


2:05 Dismissal

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