Wednesday, May 17th

Class hours: 9:40am – 2:05pm
Mr. Cronin
Mr. Moore


  • Students may stay and work until 3pm when all work from Week 33 is due.  Would anyone like a Homework Club Bus?  
  • I am collecting parent permission forms for the Career Work Experiences.  Mrs. Papp is coming back in tomorrow at 9:40 to do the same presentation she did to the entire class to the 6 students who missed it:
    1. Witham
    2. Hurst
    3. Gunnell
    4. McCann
    5. Haley
    6. Drown
    7. Goodman

9:40 Attendance and Article

9:45 Study Guide

  • Show me the pass phrase and move on to the Portfolio.

9:50 Vermont Portfolio

The focus this week is the Vermont Portfolio.

I will start looking at student work today if you think you are “done”.  We can hit submit together once you are complete and reviewed.  It is this review you do with me that gives you your grade.

Due to crazy schedules, mornings are for:

1. Vermont Portfolio (Most important – I would like this “done” by Thursday)

2. powered site (get it done for presentation in class next week)

Go to and create a 5 page website on the topic of your choosing.  This is meant to get you practice with the WordPress style dashboard.

3.  Study Guide’s (one a day)

10:45 Break (15 Minutes)

11:00 English with Mr. Bisson

  • Be back at 11am sharp.
  • Give Mr. Bisson your attention and respect.

12:00 Lunch (30 Minutes)

12:30 Attendance and Article

12:35 Quiet Production Time

12:45 Week 34 Bootstrap Powered Client Work

Continue working on your Red Clover Salon or 5 Corners Antiques Redesigns.

2:00 Dailies


2:05 Dismissal

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