Tuesday, February 7th

Class hours: 9:40am – 2:05pm
Mr. Cronin
Mr. Moore


  • B Day
  • Tuesday Meetings. Doors locked.
  • Open House this Saturday. Please invite good people. Not bad people.
  • We have 2 visitors from 10:05-10:30.

9:40 Attendance and Article

9:45 Skills Driven Time

10:45 Break (15 Minutes)

11:00 Science


Robots! Be nice to Mrs. Ligouri. Listen. Go science!

12:00 Lunch (30 Minutes)

12:30 Attendance and Article

12:45 Doodling 101

This afternoon we are going to distract ourselves like we normally do. We’re gonna doodle!

Now I don’t want you to distract yourselves by talking to others. I want you to hop on Spotify or Youtube to find some music you can jam out to and try not to change constantly. “Proper” ways of doodling is to make sure you are distracted by something else, allowing your brain to just free hand any random thoughts that pass on through.

If you are over thinking one circle, move on to the next. This is suppose to get as many random ideas down without actually thinking.


  • All circles filled with “quality” Doodles.
  • 5 in color.
  • No repeated ideas. Similar is ok, but not repeated.
  • Sign and Date at the top.

When complete, hand this to me.

2:05 Dismissal

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