Thursday, March 9th


9:40 Attendance and Article

9:45 Skills Driven Day

Game Teams

We have 4 weeks left. Please communicate with your teammate about what Goals you still have. Make a realistic check list and figure out the plan.

Next Friday (March 17th) we will best testing our games.

Benchmark Days: March 17th, March 24th, and March 31st
Photography Project

I thought of this project for a specific few, but if a couple others would like to join, please feel free. My thoughts were for Vee, Lila, and Tyler. But again, others can join. Just limited supplies.


This project will be photographing lego people and things in everyday locations to create the illusion of space and location. As well as a surrealist type scare for these lego people to be in.

There is a good example above of a guy who blogs strictly through the perspective of a lego guy. The examples below are sort of more what i’m going for.


(Update – Weather hates me, so you may be doing some or most of this inside.)

Step 1: Build Legos

The most fun part for sure. Or maybe not, who knows. I’ve got a couple Star wars sets, and a couple City sets. There is even a dog.

Step 2: Brainstorm Wacky Scenarios

Where are these lego people /  figures going to be or do. With a school we have limited scenery (especially since weather is satan today) so we will have to be a little more flexible and creative. Write down a couple ideas, shove it in your pocket, and go test them out.

Step 3: Taking the Photos

Make your creations come to life! I very highly recommend having a very very low depth of field. If you see above it’s almost tilt shifty, but with actual toys. So instead of making real stuff look fake, we are making fake stuff look real. Makes total sense right? Right…..

When complete upload as legoLife1 – 5.jpg to your week_25 folder.

10:45 Break (15 Minutes)

11:00 Skills Driven Day

12:00 Lunch (30 Minutes)

12:30 Attendance and Article

12:45 Skills Driven Day

1:55 Present

Lets present a couple of our lego photos to the entire class.

2:05 Dismissal

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