Monday, April 3rd Skills Days

Class hours: 9:40am – 2:05pm
Mr. Cronin
Mr. Moore


We need copies of your resumes. Please share with me your doc. If you do not have one, lets build one.


Does anyone need anymore clarification?

Tie Breaker

Here is the test. It’s not really a test. It won’t come down to this.

3D Animation

That above video is the winner for the national competition last year. Keep in mind they had 8 hours to work on this. The prompt was a little stress toy piggy that they wanted the students to convey an organic feeling to the piggy. Not the easiest thing to do in 8 hours.

Our practice competition is going to have the following:

“The State contest will be broken into four portions, modeling, texturing, lighting, and animation. The Contestants must show their planning through sketches of orthographic views and a simple story board showing the models interacting with each other.”

Modeling: Make your models look as realistic as possible. We will be have two main focus models so those should probably look best. You will also need to render out some form of organic texturing and modeling (such as liquid or wind) to demonstrate in your animation.

Texturing: You will need to use as little pre-made textures as possible. Because of practice, I will allow for online recourses, but keep in mind that you WILL NOT have the internet for textures come competition.

Lighting: You need to light the scene with at least a 3 point lighting setup (Fill lights, Keylight, and Backlight). You may choose to light with higher level lighting such as Final Gathering or HDRI but remember that though these will give you a much nicer looking final shot, they dramatically increase render time. You should include shadows if your render times allow.

Animation: You will be animating the three objects interacting with each other for 15 seconds. Remember to plan for render times so that you get the best possible 15 second shot you can.

Our prompt is going to be Coke vs. Pepsi. If we can get anything close to the animation below, I think we will have a chance.

Web Design


You will be doing a re-design for a local cycling company called Belgen Cycles. This company is located in Richmond VT and if you make some pretty enough, maybe you can even pitch them a re-design for them. (Side cash)

Belgen Cycles

Our practice competition is going to be broken down into three portions:

bikeGraphics, Design and Layout: Plain and simple, make your page as functional and pretty as possible. You will be making your graphics and design from the ground up. Because of time, I will allow you to grab photos from online to spice up your pages. But DO NOT rely on this to make your page pop.

Programming and Code: Valid Valid Valid. Use your brain as much as possible to create your pages. Because of time, you ARE allowed to use the internet for help.

You must have one section of code that demonstrates Javascript in some way. This could be a slider, a form, or any other way you prefer. But you will have to memorize this somehow for the actual competition.

Process: Being we have such a short time, I need to see the following: Logo sketches (3?), Wireframe (Homepage), and a list of design rules (color, textures, fonts, etc.). That last one is the basics to a style guide which I will link below for an example.


  • New Logo
  • Home Page
  • Bikes Page
  • Contact Page (may or may not be your javavscript page)
  • VALID!!!

Game Teams

Presentation Requirments from before:

Presentations will be 10 minutes. No more. I will stop the clock on the dot. Have something to visually show your presentation. Just standing in front of your game and talking won’t be the prettiest way of presenting.

Please keep in mind the list below:

  • Planning
  • Concept Art
  • Storyboarding
  • Game Play
  • UI (User Interface)
  • Design (Inspiration, Concepts, 2D vs 3D)
  • Your Code (Show an example, explain)

Those are the technical elements you should hit. But don’t forget to hit in your inspiration why you built this game. The new mechanics that makes your game different. You are trying to say why your game should win, without saying “I should win because…”.

Your competition is all about your presentation and shining a light on why your game is so cool (so fresh and so clean). In some way I would hit on the points above. In some way I would have an actual presentation mode like prezi or slides.


9:40 Attendance and Article

9:45 SkillsUSA Day

10:45 Break (15 Minutes)

11:00 SkillsUSA Day

12:00 Lunch (30 Minutes)

12:30 Attendance and Article

12:45 SkillsUSA Day

2:05 Dismissal

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