JDK Fieldtrip

The entire CAWD class took a recent field trip to Jager Di Paola Kemp in Burlington, Vermont. We were given a full tour of the studio and given a presentation of current projects by Coby. The presentation was given to us in the basement of JDK on the indoor half pipe.

Presentation on Half Pipe

The presentation showed us all the different job positions available to the students after they leave school. After the presentation, we toured the rest of the studio which spans 3 floors. From the half pipe, we went to the in house screen printing studio. In there we viewed custom t shirts and bills for concerts at the Higher Ground. Once we left the screen printing room we headed upstairs past a 6ft tall florescent sign.

Food Sign

Once we got to the second floor we were shown the design process for Burton Snowboards, from the hand art to the finished snowboard. After that we viewed a wall painted by the former bassist from Weezer on our way to the mailroom/printing room. Once leaving the printing room on our way to the IT section of JDK we passed the breakroom equiped with a fooseball table.


While in the IT section of the tour we saw this cool piece of artwork made from outdated floppy disks. It’s an anlien from the 80’s arcade game, Space invaders.

Space Invaders

After leaving the IT section of JDK we headed to the top floor of the studio where most of the design work is done. Up there we saw he design process on all sorts of projects like websites, flash movies, 3d art, concept art and game cover art. While up there we also got to see the JDK meeting room, and it has all of the requirements of a good meeting room. The room consisted of a wall, a plasma screen tv and a 360.

Meeting Room

We would just like to thank JDK for allowing us to view their studio and accommodating 30 students in their busy work flow. We can’t wait to visit them again next year. For more on the JDK field trip, visit the set on Flickr.

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