Shane Celis Visits Cawd

Shane Celis from the Vermont Game Developers Meetup Group joined to talk a little about the video game industry, and his process.

In short, here were some of the highlights:

  • Build Build Build!  Even if a quick prototype and taking your game to completion, make sure that you get something done.  A mini game, a small subset of a larger production?  A game jam?  Finish.
  • Math is relevant!  Shane showed us how the application of linear algebra can be used in Game Development and leveraged to create whatever behavior the programmer would like.
  • Focus on a specific area you want to specialize in.  Programming?  Modeling?  Story?  Sound Design?  Get really good at an element of the process.

Shane also showed us his most recent game Quadrapus Sumo he is developing.

Here is a quick video we did with Shane where he talks a little about what it takes to create a great game.

Thank you Shane for the visit, hope to work with you in the future!

~ Mr. Cronin


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