SkillsUSA Vermont Competitions

The SkillsUSA state competitions are tomorrow at the Vermont Air National Guard Base. CAWD will have students representing CTE in both the Web Design and Quiz Bowl Competitions. CAWD had our local competition last week and selected 4 students that excelled in the mock competitions to represent our class at the state competition. We chose a local business that already has a web presence and asked our students to design a site for this company without seeing their real site. We do this so our students can see what direction the company decided to go in after they finish, and compare their designs to a real site. We aren’t actually working with GMCS in anyway, nor are they going to use there sites, this is just a pracice job. Here are print screens of the 4 CAWD winners:



Ms. Shannon:






Dr. Herr will be heading to the VTANG base with 9 CAWD students and will be there all day. I will be hopefully blogging and vlogging(Video Blogging) from all of the SkillsUSA events. There will also be a Banquet after the competitions. The banquet will be at the Sheraton in Burlington and that will be where we find out how our students place. So check the blog tonight at around 8pm and all throughout the day to get updates on the competitions.


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