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My name is Hunter Prim and im a student in cawd. im a gamer who enjoys playing most games from new to old, as long if its fun to play. i enjoy playing games that have an amazing story and gameplay. i could care less about graphics, because like i always say. graphics arent everything in a game. I also tend to draw a lot. either making a little comic or just characters i made up or from games and movies. im not the best at drawing but i would say im not bad at drawing. i drew a lot and had lots of art classes that really paid off since it helped me in drawing a lot. I also watched lots of movies from new to old. Out of all the movies i think Star Wars is the best. It was honestly my childhood movie that i always loved and made me get into the series of movies and learn more about the star wars universe. I also have four cats and one dog at my house.

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