This is where you'll be able to see a little info about what's going on in CAWD and learn about the other tabs.

The Home page is used for my main updates and it describes me a a little about me.

The Contact page is where my social media is located.

The CAWD Work page is to view my uploads for my teacher Mr. Moore. Yeah, I know you're here Moore. Click it. Do it. Grade them assignments.

The DIM Work page is to view my Digital Image Manipulation work. That's for Cronin, he's a weird one.

The Portfolio page is for college's when I apply, and it's currently a WIP.

CAWD Server Crash

The CAWD server crashed a while back, deleting a lot of our, the students, data. Sadly, my year one stuff was lost on the server, however I did retain some on Backup and Sync. Bless up.

Favorite Projects

One of my favorite projects I have done/been doing is the Gravity Falls tribute. There are a lot of images on my twitter if you want to check that out.

Quality Meme of the Week
Pikachu's face with text saying When Someone calls you by your online username in real life

My original high school is Burlington High School, though now I study at Center for Technology, Essex. I plan on continuing my studies after high school at Rochester Institute of Technology or Champlain College.

Rochester Institute
Champlain College
Burlington High School
Music Interests

My two favorite genres of music are electronic and hip hop. Some of my favorite artists are Eminem, The Deli, and Jinsang. My favorite song currently is Lucky You by Eminem ft. Joyner Lucas. Check out the artists below.

The Deli
Gaming Interests

Right now, I've been playing a lot of Slap City. It is a game with Early Access that is similar to the party fighter Super Smash Brothers. The link to it on steam and to the developers is below. I also like Square Enix and love the Kingdom Hearts series.

Slap City - Steam
Ludosity (Developers)
Square Enix