Trip to Propeller Media Works

Hincliffe ListeningThe trip to Propeller was amazing, our teachers wanted us to see what the job market for web design looked and felt like, so they took us to Propeller Media Works in Burlington. The environment there is great, it felt laid back and fun, we were able to joke around with the owner, and were even offered internships.

This was one of the best field trips I have been on, it was fun and at the same time has helped me make decisions for the future. The presentation Presentation was cool and captured the attention and imagination of everyone there. We learned some really cool stuff about Google, Myspace, Facebook, and even internet browsers!

The presentation was very informative, I learned a lot of cool facts I did not know before hand, it was interactive, and the presenter (who was also the owner) even took the time to know our names and interests. Its great to go on a field trip where you are good friends with everyone there, you can relate to whats being talked about, and you all have the same things in common.

You know you have had a good time, and are part of a great class, when the trip back to school, on a typically boring bus ride, somehow is a blast!

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