Web Dev 2

Web Dev 2 assignment

Web Dev 2 will focus on different media types commonly used in Web Design and Development.  You are going to create a website where you learn about different media types, file formats, etc, that you can use on the web.  You are going to get a little information on each and synthesize into an organized website.

You are going to create a 3 page website.  Your three pages will be focused on:

  1. imagery (index.html)
  2. sound
  3. video

You are going to research the following formats:

  • Images
    • .jpg
    • .gif
    • .png
    • .svg
  • Sound
    • .mp3
    • .wav
  • Video
    • .mov
    • .mpg
    • .mp4

Your website will be organized into 3 pages.  For each format “section” you are going to follow the same format, as seen below.  This will let you, users, and I quickly and easily scan your information to pick out main ideas without having to read a different information layout for each section.  You 3 pages will have different sections.  Images will have 4 sections, sound 2, and video 3.

Each page should have a header at the top (created as art, no text based header) which says “Formats”.  We are going to create the header as a piece of art, not text.

For each section / file type organize in the following way:

  • Heading with format name and extension. This can be text.
  • Image representing format (same size for all formats, think something stylistic, maybe only reveal portion of the original image).  Maybe something like this for each format.
  • Headings and paragraphs that answer the following questions (questions as headings (maybe h3’s or h4’s?)  / your answers as paragraphs):
    • When was format created?
    • Who created it?  Person or organization?
    • What is the format best suited for?
    • Is the format lossy or lossless?  (Learn what this is first…)
    • How does format affect speed of using online?  Are downloads quick and easy?  Is the file size prohibitively large for online use?  Etc.
    • What are two pros of the format relative to other formats?
    • What are two cons of the format relative to other formats?

What to turn in:

You are going to upload this valid html5 project to your “webDev” folder to a folder called “week_02″.  Make sure you use the correct index.html file name as stated above so it auto loads.

  • Assigned Wednesday March 1st (3pm)
  • Due Wednesday March 15th (3pm)
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