Web Dev 3

Web Dev 3 assignment

Week 3 is going to be a focus on three specific areas.  One of which we have covered in class, the other of which you are going to have to research on your own as pre-learning before we cover the content in Cawd.

  • Tables
  • Introduction to Forms
  • Continue work on Responsive content
Create a section with the heading “Tables”

You are going to create a single web project called “webDev3.html” inside of your Week 3 folder.

I want you to create a web table with at least 10 rows, and 4 columns.  Content is up to you.  Use table headings for the top of the table.  One of your columns must be image based, and all images must be the same size.  I would recommend the images being somewhat small, no more than 320 x 240.

Create a section below your table section with the heading “Introduction to forms”

I want you to create a fictitious sign up for a company.  Demonstrate:

  • Input type of text
  • Input type of texarea
  • Input type of button

How well you dig into these elements, how well you demonstrate them, how well you style them will determine your grade.

The button will likely not do anything, and that is ok.  Don’t make it a submit button, make it a standard, generic button.

Make your content responsive (from now on and forever)

Make sure your content is responsive.  (All of our content must be going forward.)  Remember that I will be looking at your work on desktop, my Ipad, and my Nexus 5.

What to turn in:

You are going to upload this valid html5 project to your “webDev” folder to a folder called “week_03″.

  • Assigned Wednesday March 22nd (3pm)
  • Due Wednesday April 5th (3pm)
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