Web Dev 4

Web Dev 4 assignment

Web Dev 4 is going to be one of those projects that doesn’t seem like it really goes together, but you need to demonstrate proficiency in these “Essential Objectives” laid down by the college.  Think of this less as a cohesive whole, and more of technical demonstrations.

You are going to build a two page website.

Your header will say “Web Dev 4” created with an H1.  Not as art.

You will have a two link navigation section under your header.  Your website navigation will lead to two pages:

  1. Styling Methods
  2. DOM / Interactivity

Your header and navigation will stay in a consistent location on each of your two pages.

Styling Methods

Research and give a one paragraph overview on the three following styling methods for web designs:

  • External / CSS
  • Embedded Styles
  • Inline Styles

In a descriptive paragraph for each give me:

  • the process to use them
  • a pro
  • a con
DOM / Interactivity

What is the DOM as it relates to web design and programming?  Answer in a paragraph.

Create a form with at least 3 text inputs.  When the user clicks on a button have the three inputs concatenate into a sentence that appears on the bottom of the page.  Use .innerHTML to accomplish this.

What to turn in:

You are going to upload this valid html5 project to your “webDev” folder to a folder called “week_04″.

  • Assigned Wednesday April 5th (3pm)
  • Due Wednesday April 19th (3pm)
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