Web Dev 6

Web Dev 6 Assignment

Web Dev 6 is your final specific Web Dev assignment.  Don’t forget that 50% of your project is Web Dev specific, while the other 50% is your Second Semester in Cawd.  After WD6 you can continue to improve your college grade by excelling in Cawd.

This weeks project is going to have you evaluating a variety of websites for content, style, and functionality.

You are going to create a .rtf document for me in where you answer the following questions for 4 separate websites. 

For each website include:

  • Business name
  • URL
  • General Design Thoughts
    • Speak about the design of the site.  Talk about (but not limited to):
      • Is it “easy”, or least resistive to use?  Is it hard to find and access information?
      • Legibility
      • Use of images
      • Negative space
    • Talk about the Responsiveness of the site.  Try it out on your phone.
    • Recommendations to the Creative Director of the Website as if you were a Web Design Consultant.  How would you improve?  What would you change?

The 4 websites you will be evaluating:

A cautionary tale:

This is a full 1/6th of your Web Dev specific component grade, and while it is “easier” as there is no code, do not “mail this in”.  Make sure your write-ups are thoughtful, accurate, and correct when looking through the lens of best practice web design.


Save your .rtf file as “evaluation.rtf”.  You are going to upload this project to your “webDev” folder to a folder called “week_06″.

  • Assigned May 3rd (3pm)
  • Due May 17th (3pm)
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